Please find below all our current production options.

You're busy! We get that. You love running your business and that's why you started it.

Now someone's telling you that you've got to produce video too?

That sounds time consuming and overwhelming. You don't have the skills and gear is expensive.

That's where we can help.

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that

you make, but the stories you tell."

Not just one trick ponies

We have lots of experience in a number of different types of production that would suit any business, brand or individual campaign.

Here's some ideas but please reach out below to discuss your project and let's get those creative juices flow

Impact Stories

Impact stories are client testimonials but on a much more engaging level. These films tell the story of your client and their challenges. What did they want? Why they didn't have it? How you helped them get what they wanted? How they feel about having your input? These stories create more empathy and as we say, move the heart to guide the mind.

See an example of some of our Impact Stories below

Interactive Video

Interactive Video is a modern technology that places your prospective customer at the centre of their own journey. It allows them to focus on what is important to them and find the information they need in an engaging way. It helps promote retention times and customer understanding by using considered scripting and placement of interactive elements to link together videos, links, websites, contact forms etc.

See an example of Interactive Video at work

Live Event Video

With a background in wedding videography, we are well adept at capturing live events where often we have to work quickly under pressure due to the unplanned and changing nature of live events. We can record and stream events such as conferences, launches, live shows, recitals etc.

Contact us to have a chat about your requirements.

Online Course Creation

If you're looking to create an online course then we are perfectly positioned to help you with recording and producing any associated video content. We have a background in course creation and can bring useful insight to the table in the planning and delivery phases whilst capturing and editing highly professional course content.

Contact us to discuss your goals and budgets.

Post Production

If you need freelance editing services then we can ably assist your post production needs. From video editing to finishing, we can handle all stages of the post production pipeline, freeing you up to concentrate on creating the content and developing your business. Ideal for social media content creators, YouTube video content and marketing agencies.

Promotional Videos

If you need to promote your service or product using video, then we would love to speak to you. Whether you need the video for your website or social media we can help you create an engaging piece that communicates your product and messaging to the right audience.

See an example of our previous work.

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