Why video?

If you aren’t already using video for your business in some form or another then your potentially missing one of the fastest and most effective ways of reaching your audience.

You only have look at the engagement that some YouTube channels have to understand why large, well established brands are turning to online video in order to reach their customers.


Get Found Faster

Video increases search engine rankings like nothing else. Climb the rankings and generate web traffic. Learn More

Improve Engagement

Once they’ve found you, your clients will stay longer and interact with more of your content. Learn More

Convert Leads

Video content helps encourage your customers to take the next important step with you. Learn More

Whether promoting your company, training staff, communicating internally or selling products, video is the best method of communication.

Video stats

increase in
web traffic
improvement in
conversion rate
Organic Search
more likely to purchase

Proof in the pudding…




Video services

One of the things about video production is that it’s difficult to know what you actually need until someone says it.
Luckily, we can offer a range of different styles of video production to suit your needs.
Take a moment to browse through the different types of services you can choose from by clicking on a section below.
The perfect way to promote either a product, service or company. We find narrative stories work best.
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Training staff can be tricky as documents can be interpreted differently and often unclear. A video training series is efficient and concise so staff are well informed and motivated to learn.
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Social Media provides such powerful platforms to advertise and market your business that it really can’t be ignored. Using short video snippets on your feed can vastly improve engagement with your audience.
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Being able to communicate with your staff is a truly vital part of running a successful business. Video is quick, conveys tone and is far more engaging than memos or emails.
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YouTube is simply huge! If you haven’t tapped into the powerful marketing platform then it’s about time. Drip feeding your audience content not only qualifies you as an expert in your field but also generates additional revenue.
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Animated video is a superb way to convey an idea or report statistics. It is easy to create, limited only by imagination and is more appealing than static text. Perfect for tutorials and education.
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‘Intromercials’ are a combination of an Introduction and Commercial style video. They introduce a company, staff member, product or service whilst subtly selling their benefits at the same time.
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Bring your ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet The Team’ page to life. With a quick introductory video of your staff and team members, clients feel more comfortable because they ‘know’ who they are doing business with. It creates at least two of the 6 required touch points well known in marketing in the steps to action like purchasing or commissions.
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If you are holding an event or presentation that you’d like covered then an Event Film is the perfect solution. Whether you just want to capture the moment for posterity or make the event available for streaming later, video is the best way to convey what happened.
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There’s a magic to the Theatre. Theatre or Show Filming allows you to record a show for marketing purposes or sales to parents. Experienced in live recording we can advise a suitable way of capturing the magic.
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Already running a film production company? Sweet! Should you ever need additional, experienced camera operators then we’d be delighted to assist. With an extensive range our own equipment operating as part of your team or a separate unit is not a problem.
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Have an in-house marketing team that you’d like to empower with better video production or editing skills? With nearly 10 years experience in creating and producing video content, we’ve acquired some useful knowledge to pass on. If you’d like to arrange a one-off workshop or have us available to advise your team then our education packages will prove useful.
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