“Video content helps customers find you faster…”

Promotional Film Production

  • A Promotional Film is a short film that raises the awareness of your service, company or product. It can be more informative or convey an idea or feeling that you want your audience to associate with your brand. It’s a method of communicating your story and standing out amongst your competition.

  • What it isn’t is a lengthy, complex message. We’ll take the keywords associated with your business and construct a powerful narrative that moves the heart and guides the mind. It will be dynamic, it will generate emotion and it will make the viewer take action – whether that be to pick up the phone, load up the digital shopping cart or get in the car.

Training Video Production

  • Businesses spend hours and hours ensuring their staff are well trained, not to mention thousands of pounds. It’s a necessary part of running a business but that doesn’t mean it should be inefficient or time-consuming. Our Training Video Productions ensure that your staff not only receive clear and concise information from the outset but that they also retain that information and are more likely to revisit the training in the future.

  • It’s not just a way of training staff but also your customers. The number of times we’ve opened a product manual only to be greeted with a poorly constructed setup guide or badly illustrated image of the desired final result is unbelievable. If only someone could have offered us a link to an easy-to-follow, step by step guide! Don’t be the business still sending out paper manual!

Social Media Snippets

  • In a world obsessed by social media, can us business owners afford not to be? The answer is a definitive no. The aim with Social Media Snippets is help provide you regular, quick, professional content to drip feed on your social media channels. Whether it’s a glimpse into your daily working life, some behind the scenes goodness, a big announcement teaser or just promoting the brand in general, social media snippets communicate it better than ever.

  • Whilst the obvious platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been doing video for a while, others are now joining the show. The trouble is that planning and producing the content takes an awful lot of time and ensuring it looks and sounds it’s best, is vital to the success of the campaign. Allow Social Media Snippets to ease that burden and help you capitalise on a free, drip-feed advertising channel that you may not have been tapped into before.

“…and engage with your content longer”

Internal Communications Video

  • It may sound generic and clichéd to say that communications are vitally important to the success of a well-oiled business. The trouble is, it’s 100% true. Therefore, embrace the opportunity to up your internal communications game by modernising the method of delivery. Videos are more watchable than other forms of media and are able to cover a vast range of information very quickly.

  • Internal Communication Videos can be created as simple pieces to camera or more complete productions. Be ready to WOW your investors or dazzle the board members with content that not only gets the message across but that does so quickly and completely. If you haven’t considered this before, do get in touch to find out how easy it can be.

YouTube Channel Management

  • YouTube opens up the opportunity to take social media advertising to another level. There are a number of benefits of using the platform too which a lot of business owners don’t fully appreciate. First of all, it’s a free platform which, when carefully cultivated, can provide a business with an exponentially growing audience. Furthermore, it can generate additional income for a business. If the content is captivating, dynamic and well produced then the views will come rolling in and in turn revenue. Did you know that some YouTube channels generate six figure monthly incomes! That would certainly pay some bills.

  • There’s also the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits of the platform. Owned by Google, YouTube is on target to become one of the largest search engines within the next few years so well optimised videos will get seen first. The only problem is that producing regular content and managing the channel take a lot of time and it puts certain business owners off. Our YouTube Channel Management packages ease that burden. Almost any business has interesting content to share and we’d love to discuss helping you launch or resurrect your channel.

Animated Video Production

  • We’ve all been in a position where we’ve have to present information thats been less than exciting. Animated Video Production however can help overcome the monotony of stats and figures, inject a bit of life into presentations and explain, sometimes very complex information, in a totally unique way.

  • Animated video can be incredibly useful too if the budget is a little lighter than normal. With no set time, cast fees or expensive camera equipment the overheads are lower so it can often be a great alternative to a filmed version of the same content. Whatever your imagination has in store is possible and we’d love to help make that become reality.

“It moves and guides them to take action…”

Corporate Intromercial

  • The classic talking head, piece to camera or corporate video. Only we’ve put a modern twist on the stalwart of video marketing. Our Corporate Intromercial is the combination of a commercial and and introduction video. If you’ve ever been to a modern networking group then consider the Corporate Intromercial your 60 second pitch where you introduce your audience to yourself and your business. The aim is to inform and provide a memorable taste of what your business can offer then, leave ’em wanting more.

  • Due to the style of these videos, they can be filmed incredibly quickly and produced very cost effectively. The Intromercial is mostly a piece to camera but we like to take some time to capture dynamic ‘B’ roll of your business that we can intercut with the main content. Tied together with professionally produced soundtrack you are left with a valuable little marketing tool that can be embedded on your website or even sent out as an introductory mailer. Contact us to find out more.

Staff Profile Videos

  • What better way to meet the team than actually, meet the team! People like to know who they are dealing with and often putting a face, and voice, to the name can make a huge impact on customer relations and sales. When our staff become more relatable to our customers it enables the growth of strong relationships that promote trust and, ultimately, long-term loyalty.

  • Some people hate being in front of the camera but we have ways of relaxing our clients and bringing out the very best in them. Staff Profile Videos will make your team stand out from the crowd, be noticed and create long-term, loyal customers. Drop us a line to find out how we can breathe some life into your customer relations.

Event Filming

  • Events are wide ranging occasions where a business gets to showcase itself to a wide ranging audience. If you are hosting a seminar or presenting at an exhibition having the moment captured produces valuable marketing content that your customers will trust more than a professionally scripted promo. Your audience will be shown the level of expertise that you hold and be more motivated to engage with you about your services.

  • Of course it doesn’t have to be a formal event. You might be launching a new product or marking an occasion and there’s really not a better way to give your prospective customers a flavour of that moment than through an Event Video. Event Filming is not just for the larger companies it really can be utilised by one-man businesses too. Whatever it is you’re up to, let us turn it into a fantastic piece of marketing content.

“…faster than any other form of media!”

Show Filming

  • Whether it’s a school play or professional performance, it’s great to catch the moment to show loved ones or those who couldn’t make it. Depending on your needs, coverage can be kept simple with just static cameras discreetly positioned throughout the auditorium or with multiple cameras and dynamic placement to really bring the life out of your show.

  • With Show Filming, you can choose from a number of different payment options to suit your needs. It really can be that flexible! Furthermore, we can produce trailers, behind the scenes and cast interview content to really enhance the overall offering.

Freelance Cinematography

  • If you’re a fellow video production company or news outlet and just need a talented creative with equipment then please allow us to help. With nearly 10 years in the industry and a willingness to take direction, our team can fit neatly into any production team. Freelance Cinematography rates include all the necessary equipment to operate as a single camera unit.

  • Suitably experienced in many different forms of filming style, we are comfortable filming interviews, vox pops, general view pieces and just about any other form we can assist with. Once the assignment is completed we will prepare the captured media and load it onto a hard drive ready for your use. We’d love to hear your production plans so please do get in touch.

Education and Workshops

  • Having never actually attended film school or media college we are thrilled to be able to say that all of our experience has come from hard work and on the job learning. Along the way we’ve been lucky to work with and learn from some incredible film makers and creative people. Consequently we are thrilled when we get the chance to give back and pass our knowledge on to budding film makers.

  • We regularly run education sessions and workshops teaching techniques for camera operation, film making theory and practical editing. If you would be interested in attending one of these workshops then a full schedule will be available soon. Please consider subscribing to our mailing list to be kept up to date. If you would like us to run a workshop or speak at your establishment then please email us so we can provide a quote.

If you’re interested in learning about video production then take a moment to check out our YouTube Channel.

“…faster than any other form of media!”

360 Video and Virtual Tours

  • 360 video content is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to immerse an audience in your message. Whether that be showing off your venue or putting someone in the middle of the action – we can help. Using the latest 360 imaging cameras producing stunning 8K resolution and the very best 360 editing software we can ensure that your audience is right in the heart of your message.

  • We are Google Street View Trusted Photographers meaning we can create high quality, SEO improving, virtual tours of your business or premises. These link with Google Street View and allow your potential customers inside your business right from the search pages. If you feel your business could benefit from this service then please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Online Video Course Delivery

  • Are you an expert in your field? Are you already teaching others about your area of expertise? Have you ever had a subject that you knew lots about and had the desire to share that knowledge with others? Ever wanted to earn more from your savoir faire? Let’s make it a reality together!

  • Not only can we offer our production services in helping you film and edit your content but we specialise in setting up the perfect selling and management tool for your courses too. We’ll ensure that your course looks and sounds great, gives your pupils an incredible learning experience and that you maximise your efficiency and grow your revenue.

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